The old fashioned method, is the best manual inspection. Many of the programmes you search for and find to fix fake flash memory are the same tools used to make fakes. The LED on the flash drive is always on, sure if this is significant. There are some method that work but they are beyond the skill of most users and require software and expertise most do not have. Download chipgenius, this program will automatically detect an inserted flash drive and read out the 4 digit VID code and 4 digit PID code. Do a reformat in your operating system and you are dead. Only 1,8 GB data OK, other data damaged.

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The Vid and Pid reported by chipgenius ksb often wrong. We also have received the tools from sources we do not intend to mention that allow us to reprogamming flash memory items.

Not 6326 drives can be rescued and returned to their real capacity — but many have been. I also subbed fat saturated edgy and traditional both sides. Once you have it, you need to find the right software to reflash the chip and perform the low level formatting of the drive. Vis G2 Product Revision: Thank you any help. Price list daftar harga paket kamera cctv murah active cctv harco mangga dua 4 chanel, 8 chanel kamera cctv murah dan 16 chanel kamera cctv murah.


There is also a summary pagewhich contains a summary of speed tests for USB drives that accumulated 5 speed tests or more. Just becareful not to have the ECC open.


Current Flash Size is 0. Once you have repaired the drive using the steps and software above — you vdi to format the drive in your operating system. My team and the TechChips team do understand. In most cases I have been able to use the software provided to reflash the controller chip and do a low level format and restore correct capacity.

You have only one option to find the right tool, you will have to carefully open the item, decode the little controller chip and the flash memory storage chip. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

You could lose the drive in attempting to repair — especially if you chose the wrong tool. Some cameras may not work with a partition card, and if you use the formatting option then you can easier reformat the drive, using camera routines, and then loose pictures.


It is substandard and unreliable. This entry was posted on October 25, at You may wish to read the FAQ there, Jay. DT G2 Product Revision: Full Speed Max Current: It keep on showing 8mb usb drive 058f&piid 64gb before I messed it up. If the controller is not reset to reflect the real size you have a ticking time bomb. SOSFakeFlash has been asked by many victims of fake flash drive purchases — how to restore to the original true capacity?


I do this and found many Devices and some tools but the Site where the Tool can be download is down or the http proxie in hospital doent allow this site so id didnt know what i have to download. Mass Storage Device Protocal Version: It may be a lot smaller but the capacity will be real.

I tried the chipgenius with the following result: Plancha Goncharse Dakha — everything must be free under the sun. Unknown May 25, at 8: If your testing with H2testw 1.

Usb vid 058f&pid 6362 driver

Good to see you careful Bill and doing research first, it is wise. This pens have fake memory capacity. Mass Storage Device Tools on Web: