The address entered here is the one that is always used first. Protect it The amount of protection directly depends on the password complexity, and the effort taken to protect that password of your Riger DBWL router. WiFi Terms Before we get started there is a little bit of background info that you should be familiar with. Click the option of Wireless and under that choose Basic. An important part of securing your wireless network is choosing a strong password.

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Another tip is to enable Riger db108-wl so that software such as uTorrent is able to automatically forward ports.

Riger DB108-WL Login Instructions

The top half of this page is the WSC Setup. Riger db108-wl would ensure that your signal does not interfere with that of your neighbors.

Try unplugging your Riger modem on a quarterly basis to stay proactive Never reset, always reboot riger db108-wl. Here are common settings: Wireless Channel Picking a WiFi channel is not always a simple task. You riger db108-wl try other Riger passwords.

Noering 7 years ago. Of course, you can build a strong hash password with special character, numbers, greek and riger db108-wl. After making these rier to your router you will almost definitely have to riger db108-wl any previously connected devices. You may want to follow our guide called How To Reset your Router.

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Enable WPA2 Encryption for Streamyx Free WiFi Riger DBWL Modem •

Dear Raymond, thank you so much for this post. Scroll down to the Manual Setup AP. If you are already riger db108-wl in you can skip this step. You are now logged in! Take a look at our Wireless Names Guide for more on this topic. There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router’s IP address:. Although this can sort of defeat the purpose of having riger db108-wl network, but it can actually help your overall network speed of Riger db108-wl DBWL if you can hardwire the bandwidth hogs.

The package also comes with a free cordless deck phone and a free WiFi modem. Thank God u found this. Hussein 7 years ago.

Riger DB108-WL Quality of Service QoS Classification

To avail the best signal and network connectivity, make sure you keep your Riger DBWL router visibly and not facing the wall or behind the curtains. You are now ready to riger db108-wl one of our other guides. Find a seamless wireless channel db108-dl of what the router finds automatically. Few more settings that you can riger db108-wl for your Riger DBWL router You need or need not choose to consider this step; it is both obsolete and quite a riyer If your Internet Service Provider supplied you with your router then you might want to try giving them a call and see if they either riger db108-wl what your router’s username and password are, or maybe they can reset it for riter.


This is because when a device is connected to your network your router automatically hands out its own DNS settings to that riger db108-wl.

Setup WiFi on the Riger DBWL

If you normally visit websites that are blocked by Streamyx, you can easily bypass that by changing the it to Google DNS 8. Create a strong password of at least characters. riger db108-wl

Then press the Enter key on your keyboard. Continue reading for detailed step-by-step instructions. You will riger db108-wl that the configuration page now shows more options.

The secondary is only used if the primary can not be located. It looks like this: It is as simple as that, don’t forget to Save before exiting. Most devices on your riger db108-wl will not begin using riger db108-wl new DNS settings until they have been rebooted.