Finally select the “Program Flash”, after a short delay you will see: Following the instructions in the Programming Application 1 to program the bootloader. See details of 4 operating modes on page 15 of the user’s manual. Download and unzip the serial monitor 2. Selecting this option will cause the BDM to attempt to find the communication speed by trial and error.

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If the BDM does not support the required target then a suitable message hcs0 the serial number. Yes, an enclosure is worth an extra cost for me too. You can restore it any time, just as if you were downloading another application program since the bootloader is not erased.

I found the following, with varying prices:.

Simply turn off and turn on the target power and then press Retry to continue. To program flash memory with the D-Bug12 monitor: On our newly manufactured USBDMs the trip current of the resettable fuse is rated higher so this hcs80 should not occur any more.

USBDM – Version 4.10.4 (RS08/HCS08/HCS12/CFV1/Kinetis BDM)

Click the Erase Options and scroll down to the last option, “EraseMass”. For example, this may occur when a blank chip has a COP timeout or some hc08 when the processor clock is supended.


The bsm of the file is very large. Do not type any thing on PC keyboard. I would like to know if you have experience with certain BDMs and which type you can recommend. Answers that don’t include explanations may be removed.

The reason that the Dragon12 board keeps resetting itself is that the supply voltage provided by the USBDM dropped too much. Wait until the bootloader menu re-appears after flash memory is erased. We added LCD display routines in D-Bug12 monitor firmware, so the LCD will display a message after power up, but the same message will not appear with the serial monitor firmware and you will only see opeb squares on the LCD.

This option will cause a dialogue to appear prompting the user to remove and re-apply power to the target.

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USBDM: Codewarrior – HCS08 & HCS12

See the post notice: We’re looking for long answers that provide some explanation and context. If the firmware version is 4. At first, you need to use a USBDM to replace the serial monitor with the bootloader, then use the bootloader to install the D-Bug12 monitor.

You wource cycle the power to unlock it.


USBDM – Version (RS08/HCS08/HCS12/CFV1/K | NXP Community

Leave target powered on exit – The target Vdd supply will be left on when exiting the debugger. Connect the 2×3 0.

Download and unzip the serial monitor 2. The option b will program the D-Bug12 portion of flash memory, not the bootloader itself. Warning for HCS12 users: This can have advantages when connecting to high speed targets mostly of use in the JB16 version. I guess there are others. Use the PEmicro v10 drivers installed on the Win7 side and the drivers from the demo board on the XP sourrce. It will cause a small voltage drop when it’s connected to ooen target board.

This means that the BDM has detected that the soyrce has no supply. This is useful for difficult HCS08 targets that may not respond to software reset when in certain modes. This is useful when debugging with a small system.

This is useful when debugging or programming a target board without power supply. Download and unzip the serial monitor.