Various FCC updates and newly approved modems as of 28 December Winmodem vendors will not release the source code. The drivers are still in beta and will be posted on www. It explains the quirks of the closed-source drivers and how to overcome them. See the “Linmodem driver” table below for details. Thanks to Andrew Wettstein for finding this driver!

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Click here for an example.

The developers at linmodems. But someone must have adapted or reverse-engineered one by now! They are somewhat more difficult to set up than a jumpered ISA modem or an external serial port modem.

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I’m sure that they are proud of this fact ; In any case, when I refer to Winmodems, please read it as “Winmodems tmhost-based modems, HCF-modems, HSP-modems, and all similar modem-like hardware. Mikhail Moreyra plus patches from Gabriel Gambetta.

I’m not sure this blanket statement is still true. If you get one of these to work for you, please send me a note with your modem information so that others won’t have struggle as much as you did: A winmodem lacks parts found in regular modems– these parts are “emulated” by software running on your CPU. Am I always safe getting an external modem? By popular request, they will continue to issue modem registration notices in plain text instead of MS Word.


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This section used to say: RPI modems are not supported. Various FCC updates and newly approved modems as of 28 December Some of them do. Standard serial port speeds make a Winmodem impractical.

No, there are at least three types of controller-based PCI modems. If Winmodems are not really modems, why do manufacturers make them? Robotics and, subsequent to their merger, 3Com.

Various FCC updates modeem newly approved modems as of 08 December Let’s see if we can make this work It was designed for the Olitec 56K V. If you have a laptop with a built-in winmodem, though, you’ll need a “linmodem” driver.

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Thanks to CdStrife aol. Various FCC updates and newly approved modems as of 05 January The sale of these devices for xbased PCs is becoming increasingly popular among retailers and OEMs because of their lower cost.

Thanks famiyl Denis Havlik for the link. We haven’t seen any external serial port Winmodems.


Test your modem with minicom instead. On a notebook computer, it is often on a label on the bottom of the case.

I cannot endorse, support, troubleshoot, or debug this software. I wish, I wish he’d stay away. See the Linmodem table below for downloads.

Most people don’t know the difference; and floppy disks are cheaper than hardware chips. A Winmodem requires software to emulate the hardware missing from the modem card.