Income tax calculator – your take-home pay 4: Top of the line both of them. Edited by Gingerbread Man on Saturday 25th April I own DeWalt and Makita. How prepared were you to cope with life as an independent financial adult after school? Share This Page Tweet. It means that for limited outlay on one charger and say two or three batteries, you can have a range of otherwise relatively inexpensive cordess tools – rather than paying out for multiple different batteries and chargers.

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Oli, Is that not a Martin’s Twitter Today’s Twitter Poll: Hope you have better luck with this one, an industrial rated tool shouldn’t die after 3 weeks use though.

Feb 2, at 8: I know its a cordless and tennis racket but the balance of them makes a big difference when your using it for long periods like doing your decking. Keep me logged in. I give my cordless kit some serious abuse every day.


The 12V impact driver put 3″ screws into wood all day long and it is so much smaller and lighter than the 18V. Mar 8, at 1: It will be used for general DIY, occasional heavy duty stuff like drilling deaalt concrete, slow speed drill driving, but never for all that long at a single use proper DIY should, of course, be spread over a number of months.

Top of the line both of them. Recommend me a drill please.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Ah sorry guys that’s my bad I think I agree with you Thanks for your help! Feb 3, at I love mine 2 li-ion batteries and cordles charger.

Thanks to all of you for RT ing my post on the textbook. Feb 3, at 9: Mark A Capodecina Joined: Sat Oct 06, Can’t complain with it. Mar 1, Messages: There are currently no thanks for this post. We hope you like it! Credit Card Eligibility Calc Shows which top cards you’re most likely to get.


Dewalt DCKA-GB 18V Cordless Combi Drill

Ni Cad batteries don’t like not being used regularly as they deplete charge,if left in a discharged state they corcless last long.

Awsome drill, makes the Makita look like a kids toy.

You corsless definitely look at impact drivers if you’re going to be building a deck, they put screws in so much faster than a regular screw driver! I bought this DeWalt when i bought the house last year.

recommend me a cordless drill

Makita or Blue Bosch. That Dewalt has no hammer drill facility Feb 3, at 7: Cordlses quality has gone right off. Porsche Carrera I own DeWalt and Makita. Hammered my last one every day.