As noted in the design section with the external power adapter, all benchmarks were performed with the external adapter connected. Co-founders were David Flynn and Rick White. The Fusion-io ioDrive Duo offers top-level performance for nothing short of top-dollar price. It also doesn’t make sense to assume that a drive with very high sequential speeds is going to perform great in the real-world if it can’t cope with mixed random activity. With the primary focus of the ioDrive Duo being speed, what better way than our first benchmark to let this dual-SSD stretch its legs? To fully saturate the card we had to increase the load through multiple managers and workers in IOMeter as well as handle stressing both GB segments at the same time.

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In JuneSanDisk announced its intentions to buy Fusion-io. The size of the iodrife is partially dictated by total capacity, with the NAND flash taking up the majority of the available real estate.

cell This helps support the card in some mounting environments and gives it a nice finished appearance. This test is a carryover from our platter-based drives, although some SSDs still show differences in this area.

The Fusion-io ioDrive Duo offers top-level performance for nothing short of top-dollar price. With almost all SSD manufacturers listing 4K-sector speeds on drives, it will be hard for a customer to cross-shop between drives when comparing 4K figures to byte.

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Fusion-io ioDrive Duo Review (640GB)

The trace captures the heavy read activity of each game loading from the start, as well as textures as the game progresses. Write latency was excellent in our tests, measuring 0.

The New York Times. Its very hard to find performance figures listed for this drive, consistent warranty information through resellers, and how power requirements macome into play with drive speed. Archived from the original on November 24, Retrieved from ” https: While these figures are well under the Fusion-io quoted spec, one thing to realize is iodtive figures were based off byte transfers, not 4K.

Being a single-threaded application the random 4K read and write figures are lower than with IOMeter with multiple workers, but it still shows just how fast the drive can be. The heatsinks are setup that when installed in a server environment where air is pulled through the chassis, they are all in-line to have air flow over the cooling fins.

Retrieved October 15, With the release of Linux kernel version 3.

This drive doesn’t disappoint in the speed category. Our next del looks at speeds with a random versus sequential 2MB transfer test. We captured the activity of our StorageReview mail server over a period of a few days. Retrieved June 3, The ioDrive Duo performed extremely well in our new enterprise-class mail server trace, coming in in both first and second place.

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Our second real-life test covers disk activity in a productivity scenario. The webserver profile is read-only. For the consumer or business user, trying to translate high random 4K write speeds into an everyday situation is pretty difficult.


That’s probably because the sales process for enterprise SSDs of this nature requires a lot of hands on work; natural considering a single order could easily surpass the tens of thousands of dollars. Retrieved September 20, Archived from the original on April 5, To keep things in line with other drives we review, we stuck with our 2MB transfer size which should offer the same or better sequential transfer speeds.

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By listing the smaller transfer size you can, in effect, get much larger IOPS measurements from the drive…although it makes it difficult to compare against other manufacturers. The Fusion ioMemory was marketed for applications such as databases, virtualization, ikdrive computing, big data.

Expanding our 4K read and write test out in our ramped queue depth benchmark, we did see some higher maximum IOPS figures. The ioDrive Duo also performs extremely well in our real-world traces, handily ipdrive other drives in striped mode in all but the HTPC trace.

The company was founded in December as Canvas Technologies in Nevada. Fusion-io called their architecture ioMemory. In February Fusion-io hired Apple Inc.