I understand your hesitation, but to be honest no one will be able to give you a good answer about what direction to develop your game without truly knowing how you throw. When I started, I threw Comets and putters only. Ah yeah – I’ve got a local course here in Maine that was designed by a lefty i. If I want a straight line with distance and a healthy fade, I have been throwing my slightly seasoned Thunderbird. The DX plastic just feels right.

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I might just be getting weak.

I taught myself to throw with Comets and putters, and that is the best way to learn good form. Full power, slight anhyzer, late fade holds it dead straight up to ‘ feet.

It’s so hard to geebird.

TeeBird – Innova Disc Golf

Now we are getting into conspiracy theories, but why else a push for T3s and all the other dstance coming out recently? When I don’t have enough room to throw my Eagle way out right and let it fade in to position, tdebird Teebird works it’s magic. I have a Champ too and it’s a glide-less pig.

Since moving to faster discs will mask flaws in form, I do not want to rush it.


Innova Champion Teebird

A champ teebird in the ‘s can actually thrown on a ton of lines for distance even big hyzers but you really need to minimize the OAT. I bought this disc as a back up just incase I lose my original teebird. So I went out and bought a new one, this one was just a brick and I teebirf traded it off, but then I decided to beat it into submission.

Experience says that it is tough to accept that the biggest difference is due to being old and seasoned versus fresh and new. A large portion will go directly to Steve Brinster to help support his tour.

Haven’t thrown the echo yet, but it feels amazing in my hand and super grippy. Or star TL or g star Tl3 G star teebird would be ok too but will have some fade.

I have tuned several champion and star teebirds and they were nice. I got a g champ Teebird that is really sweet. Since that’s the case, I’d say that you should. These are small, controlled runs. Pretty much the best disc ever. I have a problem with people saying things like: And yes, it should beat in over time like Star. My form was great, and Champoon could easily throw mids to ‘ and putters to ‘ on the course.

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Dx teebird straight with slight turn Champion teebird on anhyzer. I have never really been a fan of the don’t throw high speed drivers rule. That sounds like it hurts: I understand your hesitation, but to be honest no one will be able to give you a good answer about what direction to develop your game without truly knowing how you throw.

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From throwing this disc a few times I really like it. From Twitter Follow us on twitter.

Keep pushing that further. I said I might be getting weak: I picked up an orange g echo star tee bird today and hopefully it will beat in to a nice straight disc as time passes. Champion plastic is pretty tough to tune but if you tune chammpion alot and heat it with warm water from the tap and tune it you can make a fairly overstable teebird, quite understable. I’ve been playing for around 15 years, seen hundreds of people play, and only a small handful could throw near ft.

You’re doing your disc golf game a disservice if you’ve never tried this disc.