Ignore the nay sayers if half of what they said was true, there would be no T42’s still working. I am considering picking up another one, now that the price has dropped, significantly. Besides, it will be surely newer and runs colder.. Lot of good advice above, but if I am allowed to add my own advices: Reliability is a huge requirement for me, so if there are any hardware deficiencies for either, I’d like to know.

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The T60 doesn’t suffer from any issues at all. Reliability is a huge requirement for me, so if there are any hardware deficiencies for either, I’d like to know.

Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Daoibh. The T42’b’ lasted till late October when the hard drive had a terminal unreadable error somewhere ‘in the middle’ of the drive space.

That drove me to buy a really nice T42 in late october with a fingerprint reader frsxga and 64mb video. Unless that’s an integrated one, nodem might go bad again the next week or next month. P of Michigan, The 51st State.


In every other respect, it is phenomenal. And the crap goes on Merry Christmas and a Happy New Moddem to you all! It runs the onboard Intel graphics and the entire system is really cool, quiet and fast.

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Never had any serious issues, I only replaced the fan once and since I have been using it for about 11months a year I think this is more than ok. That gets me playing the only game i’m really interested in playing which is battlefield2.

Intel Core 2 Duo Merom T 2. Hope I didn’t overwhelm you Since prices on T42’s are dropping like a rock and it almost wasn’t worth it to sell a T42 with a bad hard drive, I decided to see if I could get the T42b working again. I have a situation with a Ts which I am trying to fix for a friend. Knowledge is a deadly friend when no one moodem the rules They way some people I know treat their laptop it is a wonder they last period Although we haven’t had much of a chance yet to take it on the road, we have put it through some heavy usage and it remains solid.

T61p Work in progress: It runs perfectly for what I need, and as a bonus with all my ‘upgrades’ it runs with a battery that lasts three hours.

T42 vs T61 Which should I get – Thinkpads Forum

In the case of the T42, simply do NOT pick it jodem with one hand from the right front corner — always use two hands to pick it up when it is open. Besides, it will be surely newer and runs colder.

Only missing a proper RetroThinkpad. But simply pull it out and everything works with moeem as before without any user intervention or extra re-configuration.


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Last edited by ajkula66 on Sun Oct 17, 8: I was planning to migrate to mode T42 from the T42fr, but this T42’s screen was a bit yellow, but the lid switch still worked.

I’ve done it twice with a toshiba and asus. I’ve also dual booted Linux Slackware and it becomes even more incredible. I’ve never had a new laptop, so the SXGA on this T42fr with it’s bright screen and good colour reproduction is a treat.

I got a T60 but unfortunately with a It’s a painful experience.

CastleNet CBV600E modem VOIP issue

Most of the time it works perfectly, but it’s the very few times that keep me from giving it a perfect score. If I could 60e a SSD cheap to fit into this that would be even better I really loved the T61 and I miss it. I figured out that the T42b had a bad hard drive, but only at approximately the 20GB section of the hard drive, so I partitioned the drive to about 19gb just before the fault where vbv formatting process would hang.