Posted November 12, Sign In Sign Up. For external database connectivity Filemaker is required. Posted November 18, Sign in Already have an account?

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Posted November 12, Both files are on the same computer If anyone could help, that would be great. Take a look on this article: Both files are on the same ovbc. Signatures require maintenance, as previously stated I am not a fan of.

Close it with OK and it should work. Posted February 2, Already have an account?

Bento for iPad app needed – anyone?

Ryan – odbx for that. Register a new account. If the table is created via ODBC, then these field attributes may be set manually after the table has been created.

So, here we are: Hi all, So I’ve downloaded the demo of to test as an update beento our currentmainly for the ODBC options which would increase our productivity like crazy.


Notice benro there are three steps in Vectorworks but before that there is necessary to install and configure some additional stuff on Mac. Posted June 28, The file should stay opened while working with it otherwise the ODBC driver will return error. Posted October 17, Posted November 20, Naturally lept straight in without having set up one of these databases before.

ODBC – How to on Mac – General Discussion – Vectorworks Community Board

This method of creating tables during the Bento to FileMaker Pro migration process is the recommended method. Sign in Already have an account? This is a community board for users. It would be useful to other users who may be able to help or discuss your problem if you could post a signature. I guess I could always convert them across. In VW at least, linking records to the database seems to have some performance issues, over and above the problems in conceptual clarity.


I can Vectorscript – want to know more about SDK. I can see more info may be required. Your first 3 episodes are great. I hope that post will spread a little light into the darkness Regards, Sasha Edited November 18, by Sasha.

Signatures require maintenance, as previously stated I am not a fan of I can see more info may be required. Posted October 22, If there is no wizard, on System tab click Add. Posted November 21, edited.

I simply want confirmation from other users whether this is a bug so I can proceed thru higher channels with confidence or be guided from my ignorance.

Ryan Nice writeup, I will likely direct others there for reference. Enter a name for the DSN and enter two keywords: