Sorry for the confusion. I was using it about 3 minutes after I installed the drivers and have not had any problems. The highest latency I would use is and that is not good enough for recording, but great for when your trying to make a mix and have a lot of effects in multi-track. In the end, all of the audio is sorted out and played correctly, but with a delay. You usually see values like , , , 64, 32 or 16 for latency.

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Not that I’ve looked though so apologies if I’m wrong, but it’d be bizarre to say the least – mind you this is Alesis we’re talking about I am still using an Alesis IO26 interface. Have you tried the drivers from the Alesis website?

Jim Roseberry Max Output Level: Anyway, there are no zlesis drivers for the multimix series This determines the Latency. This uab uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Plus, the Sonar template it comes with requires no modification or changes.


That, ladies and gentlemen, is the million dollar question. Now, I must lie in wait for the answer to stroll into view Thanks a asoi RonNovy for that long-winded but extremelly helpful response.

Best Regards, Jim Roseberry jim studiocat. Employee April 03, I think the consensus is that Alesis products simply just don’t play well with Sonar.

Hello, Thanks for posting. Go to original post. A .20 of 64 or 32 should be good enough at a sample rate of 48khz or I’m assuming its big brother will probably work with Asio4All too???? Official Representatives Bill R.

Alesis multimix asio drivers

Thank you for the reply. MultiMix 8 USB 2. Watton, Norfolk, UK Status: The multi mix will more than likely be recognized as a Multimid audio device by Windows. Please type your message and try again.

Alesis multimix asio drivers I have just got a Alesis muiltmix 4 usb, but according to the tech guy at alesis they don’t come with any drivers, he said to down load asio drivers from asio4all.

FastBikerBoy Anyway, there are no x64 drivers for the multimix series It is a bit missleading on their site though as there is 3 different versions of the MultiMix 8, but Multinix should have known better.


I no longer use it as my set up mulimix changed but I had great success with it on my older set up.

AA3 and Alesis Multimix 8 USB | Adobe Community

It seems as though with the older USB 1. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

This should bring up the control panel for your audio device. In the end, all of the audio is sorted out and played correctly, but with a delay.

I was using it about 3 minutes after I alrsis the drivers and have not had any problems.

Alesis multimix asio drivers | Cakewalk Forums

I see that the 4 channel version of the multimix has Asio4All driver link on the spec sheet page. Maybe there is a driver somewhere in cyberland Only way for me to tell is purchase a device then try out and if it fails then take it back to sale vendor. In which case, it wouldn’t have a proper ASIO driver.