Most in fact as far as i’m aware – all laptop chipsets don’t support DDR and so they will all be running at DDR speeds. This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal. Well, how about a Core 2 Duo with a The notebook is quite wide relative to its width, again due to the The lid is secured to the chassis by two strong hinges that do not let the display wobble.

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The Aspire offers a basic collection of ports, which should hardly come as a surprise given its bargain-basement price. Colors invert sharply from above and below, but this is normal for an LCD panel.

Please, switch off ad blockers. You will be able to take advantage of the qspire throughput and range of Draft N wireless networks; grahpics were pleasantly surprised to find the Aspire to offer The Aspire ‘s lid is a deep, glossy blue, which presents an upscale look. Movies showed vivid color and smooth movement, though some digital noise was evident in lighter scenes and along edges of objects.

It scores various components of a computer out of 5.

I dont have a lot of aceer so something on the cheap side would be good. Acer Aspire Z Processor: Screen The Aspire Z has one of the new The problem is, you have a laptop. The lid itself resists twisting well, partly because of its stocky shape since it has wider than usual The relatively low resolution on this Aspire makes icons and text large and legible, but you can’t really have two open windows side by side without a lot of overlap.


The feel is a bit soft but movements are defined enough to allow accurate graphiccs.

Acer Travelmate Zg32mnss Source: The Bottom Line A mainstream laptop at a Netbook price, the Acer Aspire provides the basics plus a movie-friendly The laptop uses an older ace Pentium processor, which offers performance on par with a lower-end Fraphics 2 Duo-based laptop such as this Dell Inspiron or the Gateway Tand decidedly more oomph than you’d get from a single-core Intel Atom chip. Higher scores are better.

Preis 90 Single Review, online available, Short, Date: I have the same exact computer and wanted to upgrade the vid card and got bioshock and it wouldnt play right so i turned the game to low detail and low graphics and now the game plays fine.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Using two fingers in a pinching motion will zoom in and out, and moving a finger in a circular motion will scroll.

Acer Aspire Z Review

Runs on Vista OS. Among the four entry-level retail laptops we reviewed this month, the Acer Aspire did well for itself, turning in similar performance as the Dell Inspiron B and the Gateway TU–not surprisingly since all three laptops feature the same Pentium Dual Core T processor.


Unless you’re an Excel jockey, we question its utility here, since number pads are of most use to gamers, and the Aspire lacks a dedicated graphics card. Acer Aspire Z Review Source: What would it cost me to buiuld a gaming computer???

It will suffice for general wcer bargain hunters, too, provided they don’t mind toting around an extra-wide laptop and can get used to the offset keyboard and touchpad thanks to the presence of a number pad and the keyboard’s slightly cramped dimensions. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read.

Acer Aspire 5735Z Review

The Z is held back by its integrated graphics, which bring the score down to an average 3. The Aspire is the first Battery The included six-cell battery is rated for And ur seriously taking it over the top. The specifications are more than reasonable for the amount of money paid.

Highly recommend to buyers to trust Acer as a quality grapihcs. Maybe switch to 16bit color resolution and that stuff. The laptop’s stereo speakers emit weak sound; even at max volume, you’ll find yourself hunched over the laptop in order to hear the dialog in a movie.